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Strategic Partnerships

EHR is committed to the efficiency and accuracy of the RAC tracking process and, to this end, published an inbound/outbound data exchange interface for RAC Tracking providers to access at no cost. EHR has validated that an exclusive group of RAC tracking and workflow/data management solutions integrate with EHR technology and reporting. Working with an EHR Integrated™ solution enables EHR and the hospital to exchange RAC appeals data and status updates seamlessly. This avoids time-intensive, costly data entry that the hospital would otherwise incur. Furthermore, utilizing an EHR Integrated™ solution reduces the hospital's administrative processing efforts and optimizes data integrity and completeness throughout the RAC appeals status and data tracking process. To maximize the workflow and efficiency of your hospital's RAC Rapid Response team, look for the EHR Integrated™ logo when evaluating software solutions for your facility. For more information on the EHR Integrated™ program, please email EHR at

EHR has validated that the following products integrate with EHR technology and reporting:

Platinum Certification Level
Full electronic integration of data and image transfers for RAC between EHR, RAC Tracking and workflow/data management solution and image management solution.

Audit ManagerL
Optum Audit Management
Optum™ Audit ManagementL
Compliance 360
Compliance 360
Claims AuditorL
MediRegs ComplyTrack
Audit Detail ManagerL
GNYHA TrackerL
RACovery ToolkitT
Audit ControlX Axis
Audit ControlX AxisL
Plato RACTrack
Plato RACTrackL
ClickON® Recovery Audit
Defense Systems (RADs)L
The Wellington GroupL
Denial/Audit ManagementL
InSight Audit
InSight AuditL
Intersect Healthcare
VERACITY™ AuditMasterL
Compliance and
Revenue Integrity (CRI)L
MedAssets Claims AuditorL
The Advisory Board Company
The Advisory Board Company Revenue Integrity CompassL
Allscripts Audit+
Allscripts Audit+L
Bronze Certification Level
Electronic integration of data only transfers for RAC between EHR and RAC Tracking and workflow/data management solution.

Midas+ Care Management
Midas+ Care ManagementL
(Only Midas+ v8.0 and higher)
T = Testing integration capability with EHR.
L = Testing with EHR is complete; currently implementing clients.

EHR Integrated

VHA, Inc.

University HealthSystem Consortium

HealthTrust Purchasing Group

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