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News & Events

EHR in the News

HFMA South Carolina Chapter Newsletter, Summer issue
"Proper Physician Documentation: More than Just Your Bottom Line"

For the Record, May 2015 issue
"Rehabilitation Facilities Tackle RA Complexities"

Hospital Case Management, April 2015 issue
"The RACs Are Back: Auditors to Start Performing Complex Reviews"

RACmonitor, April 28, 2015
"CDI Survey Results Illuminate Challenges, Opportunities for Providers"

Monitor Monday, April 27, 2015
"Who Judges the ALJs?"

Monitor Monday, April 20, 2015
"Internal Audit (HCCA)"

HFMA Southern California Chapter Newsletter, April 2015 issue
"Proper Physician Documentation: More than Just Your Bottom Line"

Monitor Monday, April 7, 2015
"Physician Advisors: Navigating the RAC Landscape"

RACmonitor, April 2, 2015
"How Much Has Really Changed with Physician Certification?"

ICD-10 Monitor, March 31, 2015
"ICD-10: The Other Side of Dual Coding"

HFMA Maine Chapter Newsletter, January 27, 2015
"Proper Physician Documentation: More than Just Your Bottom Line"

RAConitor, January 15, 2015
"Congressman Wants Input on Short Stay Payments"

Monitor Monday, January 12, 2015
"2015: Look Out, Look Ahead"

Monitor Monday, November 24, 2014
"What's Keeping You Awake at Night?"

RACmonitor, November 20, 2014
"OMHA Requests for Improving the Appeal Process - DIY Initiatives"

Report on Medicare Compliance, September 29, 2014
"Documenting the Reasons for Early Discharges May Save Part A Pay"

Finally Friday, September 26, 2014
EHR's Dr. Ralph Wuebker dissects the CMS settlement offer to hospitals. Click on the image to listen to the broadcast.

Monitor Monday, September 22, 2014
"Special News Roundup"
EHR's Steven Greenspan discusses Congressman Kevin Brady's letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, questioning CMS' authority to make a settlement with hospitals. Click on the Sept. 22 broadcast broadcast to listen in.

RACmonitor, September 18, 2014
"MACs, ZPICs Given Discretion to Deny "Related" Claims – But Beware of the Recovery Auditors"

Finally Friday, August 21, 2014
EHR's Dr. John Zelem discusses "Physician Documentation for a New Audience." Click on the image to listen to the broadcast.

RACmonitor, August 21, 2014
"The Rocky Road to Proper Physician Documentation"
EHR's Steven Greenspan delves into some of the lesser known auditors impacting our industry

Monitor Mondays, August 18, 2014
"Midnight Rule Nightmares"
EHR's Dr. John Zelem delves into the challenges of proper physician documentation in the medical record

Monitor Mondays, July 21, 2014
"Settlement Conference Facilitation Pilot"
EHR's Steven Greenspan delves into some of the lesser known auditors impacting our industry

RACmonitor, July 17, 2014
"Medicare RACs Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg-There Are Others Out There!"

HCP Live/ Physician's Money Digest, July 11, 2014
"Rebill or Appeal Denied Claims?"

Healthcare Finance News, July 8, 2014
"Rethinking Rebilling"

Becker's Hospital Review, June 25, 2014
"3 Myths about Medicare Audits"

Monitor Mondays, June 23, 2014
"Storm Chasing: Monitoring Troubles on the Audit Landscape"

RACmonitor, June 19, 2014
"Four Myths about IPPS Best Practices and Why You Shouldn't Believe Them"

Report on Medicare Compliance, May 19, 2014
"PEPPER Compliance Tool Is Revised for Two-Midnight Rule in Time for June Release"

RACmonitor, May 15, 2014
"Data Analytics Monitoring for IPPS"

Monitor Mondays, April 28, 2014
"Reconciling Part A and Part B: Holistic Documentation?"
EHR's Dr. Ralph Wuebker discusses hospital observation rates

Monitor Mondays, April 1, 2014
"Auditing and Monitoring"
EHR's Dr. Ralph Wuebker and Steven Greenspan interviewed at the 2014 HCCA Compliance Institute

Report on Medicare Compliance, February 24, 2014
"Consider 4-1/2 Keys to Documentation as EHR Flaws Become Apparent"

Finally Friday, February 7, 2014
"Documentation 101 Resurrected"

Monitor Mondays, January 27, 2014
"Navigating the 2014 Audit Landscape: Suspended Animation at the ALJ"

Report on Medicare Compliance, January 13, 2014
"Inpatient-Only List Under Review; Medical Necessity vs. Setting May Muddy the Water"

RACmonitor, January 9, 2014
"Rebilling under IPPS"

ACP Hospitalist, December 2013
"Translating 'Two Midnights': Understanding the New Observation Status Regulations"

RACmonitor, November 21, 2013
"Validating Certification Through the UR Process"

RACmonitor, September 12, 2013
"Follow-up Report: Shedding Light on the 2-Midnight Rule"

Monitor Mondays, September 9, 2013
"Shedding Light on the 2-Midnight Rule"

RACmonitor, September 5, 2013
"CMS Clarifies Addmission and Medical Review Criteria under IPPS Final Rule"

Today's Hospitalist, August 2013
"What?! This Patient Should Be in Observation?!?"

Report on Medicare Compliance, August 12, 2013
"Final Rebilling Rule with One-Year Deadline Will Drive Internal Audits"

Report on Medicare Compliance, August 12, 2013
"RACs to Back off Longer Stays as 'Two-Midnight" Standard Survives in IPPS Rule"

RACmonitor, August 8, 2013
"Medicaid Changes: What's Different in Your State?"

Report on Medicare Compliance, July 29, 2013
"Proving that Beneficiaries Were Told of Appeals May Slow Down Decisions"

Briefings on Coding Compliance Strategies, June 2013
"Documentation of Medical Necessity Drives Successful RA Appeals"

Report on Medicare Compliance, June 24, 2013
"Hospitals Can Expect a Long Wait For ALJ Decisions on Claim Denials"

Monitor Mondays, May 6, 2013
"CMS-1455 and Rule 1599"
Ralph Wuebker interviewed at minute 20:18

Report on Medicare Compliance, April 29, 2013
"Denials Mount in Private-Pay Audits, but Medicare Business Consumes Hospitals"

Monitor Mondays, February 25, 2013
"Advocacy and Working with Government Officials"
Steven Greenspan interviewed at minute 19:24

RAC Monitor, February 21, 2013
"Request for Comment by CMS on the 2013 OPPS Proposed Rule – An Open Door to Redefining Inpatient Status?"

Report on Medicare Compliance, February 18, 2013
"Administrative Law Judges Offer Hospitals an Appeals Shortcut with Risks, Rewards"

Monitor Mondays, February 18, 2013
"Best Practices for Commercial Denials"
Dr. Ralph Wuebker interviewed at minute 12:13

HCPro - Revenue Cycle Institute, February 6, 2013
"Clarifying the Recovery Auditor-related provisions in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012"

Report on Medicare Compliance, February 4, 2013
"RAC Prepayment Reviews Move Forward as Their Targets Feel Heat from Other Audits"

Monitor Mondays, January 28, 2013
"OPPS Final Rule"
Steven Greenspan interviewed at minute 6:16

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